Farming and Crop Protection 


Unique mode of action against Rice hoppers including resistant BPH and WBPH, Which provides long lasting control by preventing egg laying hence stops population explosion. It provides Systemic and translaminar movement protection against new growths also



  •  Fast action stops feeding and spread 
  •  Soft on beneficial, high operator safety(Blue triangle) ideal for IPM on Rice
  •  Provides long lasting control


How it works?

Hopper coming in contact with treated plant gets paralyzed. It results in immediate stopping of feeding, movements & egg laying. 

Mode of action

  • Withdrawal from feeding within first hour

  • Paralysis of hind legs

  • Prevention of further egg laying

  • Falling off from rice plants within few days

Product application information

Target Weed Dosage/Application rate When to apply Water Volume PHI
Brown plant hopper 300 g /Ha Early booting stage.
followed by next application after 15 days in highly infested geographies.
500 19