Farming and Crop Protection 

Insure® Perform

Insure Perform Perfect combination of two advance chemicals specially developed for wheat seed treatment, 
It will deliver excellent start and stronger crop which will give prospects of better yield. 


  • Faster crop establishment
  • Stronger crop
  • Protection from diseases

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Now a day’s there are many uncertainties at the beginning of wheat crop which are not in hand of farmers, Insure Perform supports seed to germinate with its full biological potential leading to excellent start of crop, it also protect crop from loose smut and support growth in stress condition which will deliver stronger crop with more tillers.  

How it works?

Insure Perform is Unique combination of two advanced chemical with different MOA, specially design for seed treatment.
Triticonazole: Well-known chemical across world for superior control of wide range of fungi 
Pyraclostrobin: Excellent fungicide with proven plant health benefits in multiple crop 
Triticonazole shows an upward distribution inside the plant after penetration. When applied as a seed treatment, triticonazole is slowly absorbed by the seedlings through the seed, teguments and the roots Pyraclostrobin blocks the mitochondrial electron transport and thus inhibits the fungus’ energy supply, as a consequence, the fungus dies. It also gradually penetrate into root to protect and stimulate growth. 

Benefits of using Insure Perform 

Faster crop establishment


Stronger crop


Protection from diseases


Dose and Application method


•    Use Pair of Nitrile gloves provided with pack for mixing and handling of product
•    Mix wheat seeds with slurry uniformly 
•    Dry the treated seeds properly in shade and then use for sowing.  
•    If required, treated seeds can be stored in gunny bags in well aerated place for about 7 to 10 days. 
•    Properly dispose off the used gloves away from the residential area  

Product application information

Target Disease / Pest Dosage / Application Rate Quantity of water required to make slurry
Loose Smut 1.0 ml per kg  seed Sufficient to coat the seeds uniformly