Farming and Crop Protection 


Researchers at BASF have developed Seltima®, a specific formulation for rice farmers to control rice blast along with added plant health benefits.

Seltima® was specifically developed to offer rice farmers a highly effective solution to protect their plants from fungal diseases, while preserving the aquatic environment. Its special encapsulation technology ensures a precise release of the active ingredient directly on the rice leaf surface, where it acts.

Seltima® delivers outstanding efficacy against leaf and neck blast and is also part of BASF’s AgCelence® range of products delivering higher yield and quality beyond disease control.  

Benefits of using Seltima®

Uniform panicle emergence

More & heavier rice grains

Comprehensive control of blast diseases


Product application information:

Target Disease / Pest Dosage / Application Rate When and how to apply
Rice Blast 400 ml/acre1st 1st spray at booting stage & 2nd spray at flowering stage. 

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