Farming and Crop Protection 

Reflio ®

Specialty systemic fungicide for Rice Sheath blight, Now no more worry about Sheath blight. 

Sheath blight disease  is a challenge in Rice crop, 35 -50 days are critical for Sheath Blight control. This disease can cause 24-50% yield loss in favorable environmental conditions.





•    Excellent Sheath blight control
•    Prophylactic & Curative action
•    Systemic with  Acropetal & Basipetal movement
•    Long duration control - 15 to 18 days
•    Safer product-  Green triangle

How it works?

Reflio moves Acropetally (upward through xylem) and Basipetally (downward through phloem) in plant system . This is also unique mechanism. It Inhibit succinate dehydrogenase enzyme within tricarboxylic acid cycle of fungi, and this is a unique mechanism compared to other sheath blight fungicides.

Treated v/s Untreated

reflio Treated V/S untreated


Product Application Information

Target Disease Dosage When & how to apply PHI
Sheath blight, (Rhizoctonia solani) 375 ml/acre Spray Rice crop prophylactically with REFLIO between 30-50 DAT and 2nd spray at 15–20-day interval 26



Available in 150 ml and 1Lit pack