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BASFs solutions for Grapes


BASF proudly presents a Smarter way of Grape farming with BASF Grapes Spray Program that is Dependable, Efficient and Safe! 


1. Dependable 


BASF is a research-based company and focusses on bringing innovative products for the grape growers. All the products in BASF’s Grape portfolio are research based and innovative which have brought a revolution in the world of Grape farming. 

Every product from BASF’s portfolio has immense contribution in Grape farming in India considering criticality of diseases like Downey mildew and Powdery Mildew.

Every grape grower has welcomed all our products with bigger heart and expectations. And BASF has strived to deliver the best against the expectations of the grape growers. 

This is echoed in the immense trust of Grape growers on BASF and its products and farmers get a peace of mind after using BASF products in the Grape orchards.


2. Efficient 


Every product of BASF has provided superior control over diseases when they are used at recommended stages and doses.

Also, you must have experienced its long duration control under the recommended climatic conditions which helps to avoid additional sprays, saving money from unnecessary spraying.

3. Safe 


Most importantly, BASF products play a very important role in resistance management, and our spray schedule is designed as per the FRAC guidelines.

BASF recommends products to grape growers as per label claim only.

All our products are included in annexure 5 of NRCG Pune.

In case of Grapes export, all our product’s export and import standards are approved in EU and CODEX apart from Asian countries like China, Gulf or Bangladesh.


Downey Mildew
Powdery Mildew

India's grape farming is appreciated worldwide, and we are proud to be a contributor to this growing community. 

Let's go through BASF's trusted players one by one!

BASF Acrobat


BASF's Acrobat is an important pillar of trust of grape farming in India. Acrobat has been the most trusted partner for grape growers since many years and has consistently shown its commitment to farmers across the country. In fact, it is the first choice of the farmers who cultivate grape vineyards in Nashik, Pune, Sangli, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. What sets BASF's Acrobat apart from the rest are its performance and efficiency in the grape orchards. Because of that, BASF's Acrobat has been identified as most trusted partner in Grape’s farming.

BASF Acrobat - The Pillar of Trust.

How it works ?

Acrobat is effective against all the stages of fungi with its unique mode of action of Cell wall lysis. Acrobat provides effective results due to its translaminar and anti-sporulant action.

BASF Acrobat Complete

Acrobat Complete


Give your grapes a Complete solution for Downy Mildew and resistance management.

Get to know Acrobat® Complete, BASF’s latest fungicide, which is a unique, balanced blend of two most trusted potential actives Dimethomorph and Metiram.

Acrobat® Complete brings together the years of grower’s trust on BASF and a legendary brand in use along with the technology that brings ease of use while providing the best protection against Downey Mildew right from the beginning of the season. 

BASF Cabrio Top

Cabrio® Top


Cabrio® Top improves the quality and yield of your crop with its superior disease control. With its advanced plant health benefits, it gives longer duration protection with lesser sprays.
Benefits of using Cabrio® Top Fungicide
•    Broad spectrum disease control
•    Longer duration control
•    Enjoy its AgCelence® benefits: Improvement in quality & yield of your crop

Harvesting a healthy crop requires the right management with proper fungicide. Thus, BASF offers an innovative solution: Cabrio® Top, the broad-spectrum fungicide, trusted by many Indian farmers today.

How it works?

Cabrio® Top blocks the energy supply of the fungus so it does not spread further in the plant. With its unique mode of action, it penetrates fast in the leaf tissues and deposits in the waxy layer, ensuring a longer protection duration.

BASF Zampro

Zampro ®

Zampro is a new novel fungicide against Downy mildew disease in Grapes and Cucurbits with new mode of action & provides best in class resistance Management.
For Downy mildew many options are available but are those enough to protect your crop with quality benefits. Are we missing an essential piece. Presenting BASF Zampro an essential piece in your crop success. Most advanced fungicide to control critical diseases.


Benefits Of Zampro ®

•    Most advanced fungicide to control Downy mildew and Late blight diseases
•    Very High Intrinsic efficay against Infectious stages of oomycetes
•    High Adsorption
•    High Re distribution
•    Novel tool in Resistance Management
•    User friendly SC formulation with dispersion
•    Excellent rainfast ness of 2hr
•    Zampro has an Excellent Toxilogical & environmental profile


How it works?

Zampro Inhibits Zoo-spore formation & Release zoosporangia, release, motility & germination

Zampro dual mode of action:
•    Stops energy flow of fungus
•    Cell wall lysis


Polyram is broad spectrum contact fungicide from EBDC group for wide range of crops. It provides Broad spectrum disease protection with safe Zinc (14%) supplement, which helps in better crop health.

Polyram is an ideal tank mix and spray program partner due to its versatile Mode of Action i.e. multisite action. Polyram has the very small particle size of WG formulation which:
1. Provides more biological activity because they give better coverage of the plant surface
2. Suspends better and stay in suspension for longer
3. Adhere better to the plant surface and are better redistributed by light rain or dew


•    Protection: Broad spectrum disease control
•    Nutrition: Healthy Green Crop- Added Zn 14% 
•    WG Formulation: Easy dispersion in water & No stains

BASF Acrisio


Acrisio® - The Powdery Mildew Specialist, is a novel chemistry with unique mode of action which provides comprehensive disease control.
Acrisio®, globally known as Vivando; is grouped under group “U8” by ‘FRAC’. This is the only chemical available in India in this group & hence stands as the best tool for effective Powdery Mildew resistance management in Grape & Apple. 



Comprehensive disease control
New Chemistry and unique mode of action
Good tool in Resistance Management due to it Dual mode of action with low risk chemistry


How it works?
Acrisio® disrupts the activity of the fungus right at the tip of the hyphae, preventing further fungus growth.  Due do its systemic chemistry it effectively protects the entire canopy from powdery mildew.

BASF Merivon


Protect your crop from yield losses due to disease Powdery mildew . Get to know Merivon®, BASF’s latest fungicide which provides more consistent performance for maximum crop potential.
Merivon® contains a unique combination of Xemium®, the latest fungicide innovation by BASF, and F-500, the #1 Plant Health Fungicide.


•    Broad spectrum disease control
•    Faster & longer duration control
•    Enjoy its AgCelence® benefit: Enhanced fruit quality


How it works?
Xemium®, is fully adsorbed and evenly transported in the leaves ensuring exceptional distribution and continuous action, thereby controlling the diseases for longer duration.

Sercadis® Plus

Give a powerful start to managing Powdery Mildew and broad spectrum control of other diseases with Sercadis® Plus, a brilliant combination of Xemium® and an acclaimed DMI chemistry.
Sercadis® Plus contains Xemium®, an innovative active ingredient belonging to the carboxamide class (SDHI) and Difenconazole a well-established and known safe Triazole (DMI). It provides excellent disease control against powdery mildew.



Outstanding protection against broad spectrum of diseases such as Powdery Mildew in Grapes, Scab and Powdery Mildew in Apple
Excellent new leaf protection
Favourable PHI and Robust MRLs which offers an easy and safe use


How it works?

Sercadis® Plus builds on the complementary strengths of Xemium and Difenoconazole giving rise to a broad-spectrum product with a reduced resistance risk.