Farming and Crop Protection 


Agriculture is constantly facing new challenges: rising production costs, higher standards of environmental protection, and the need to feed a growing world population.

To meet these demands, production processes must become increasingly effective and provide additional benefits wherever possible. This is the reason why we developed AgCelence®. The AgCelence® brand identifies BASF products that provide benefits above and beyond crop protection; these benefits are based on a strong product performance combined with additional physiological effects which increase the health and vitality of your plant.

AgCelence® underscores the commitment we have to our innovative and pioneering approach. 

Benefits of AgCelence®

Higher yield

Increased stress tolerance and vitality

Improved marketable quality

Increased production efficiency

AgCelence® for your apples

1. Excellent Fruit Quality and Lush Green Crop

Untreated Treated


2. Uniform Fruit Size



3. AgCelence® Effect

Agcelence untreated Agcelence treated



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Cabrio® Top

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Priaxor® is powered by BASF’s new active ingredient Xemium®, offering technology that counters stress and provides advanced disease control for commonly occurring diseases in Cotton.

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