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Commited to Farmer Safety

At BASF, safety underlines everything we do. This is why Product Stewardship, the responsible and ethical management of our products throughout its lifecycle, is not just an empty word, but a concrete program on which we are committed.

What are the 9 steps of responsible use of crop protection products?



Sharing our knowledge and experience with farmers

Suraksha Hamesha

Suraksha Hamesha

Suraksha Hamesha


Suraksha Hamesha




Suraksha Hamesha: Given our focus and dedication to sustainable farming, since 2016 BASF started conducting dedicated ‘Suraksha Hamesha’ meaning ‘Safety all the Time’ training programs for farmers. The program aims to create a platform for educating farmers and agricultural sprayers about the nine steps of responsible use of agrochemicals and personal protection measures. During these meetings, only product stewardship aspects are discussed, no product promotion or sales related activity was conducted. The meetings are planned on pan India basis across the territories we operate.
We believe that every farmer, irrespective of the size of the holding, should be protected from exposure hazards experienced on the farm, such as chemical vapors and contact of chemicals with eyes and skin. However, we know that farmers particularly face the challenge to access correct information, advice and equipment to enable them to work in a safe environment.

Sanrakshan Kit

Sanrakshan KitSanrakshan Kit


With a shelf life of at least two years, the kit is sufficiently robust to endure rigorous use over a single season. All the components in the kit are packed in a sturdy and compact fiberboard box, weighing less than a kilogram.


Sanrakshan Kit:  BASF launched Sanrakshan Kit in 2013, to meet the safety requirements of farmers and agricultural sprayers. It is an affordable, high-quality set of personal protection equipment designed to encourage good agricultural practices and promote safety in the field. Sanrakshan in Hindi means “protection”. The kit has the additional bonus of being affordable (through subsidized pricing) and comfortable to wear. The new kit contains an apron, trousers, a pair of nitrile gloves, particulate filter masks and protective eye wear, along with an easy-to-understand graphical instruction manual.

How to Use

How to use Sanrakshan Kit