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Cabrio® Top

Cabrio® Top improves the quality and yield of your crop with its superior disease control. With its advanced plant health benefits, it gives longer duration protection with lesser sprays.

कॅब्रियो ® टॉप
Benefits of using Cabrio® Top
  • Broad spectrum disease control
  • Longer duration control
  • Enjoy its AgCelence® benefits: Improvement in quality & yield of your crop

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Harvesting a healthy crop requires the right management with proper fungicide. Thus, BASF offers an innovative solution: Cabrio® Top, the broad-spectrum fungicide, trusted by many Indian farmers today.

How it works?
Cabrio® Top blocks the energy supply of the fungus so it does not spread further in the plant. With its unique mode of action, it penetrates fast in the leaf tissues and deposits in the waxy layer, ensuring a longer protection duration.

Product application information:

Target Disease/Pest Dosage/Application rate When and How to apply
Alternaria, Leaf spot & leaf blight, Premature leaf fall (Marssonina sp.) 100 GM/100 ltr water

Peanut to Walnut stage



Here’s what apple farmers have to say about Cabrio® Top

Cabrio Top Farmer

"I have been able to control rusting and leaf fall in my orchard, this is all due to the broad spectrum fungicide 'Cabrio® Top'. It has also increased the shelf life and shining of the apple fruit. I recommend Cabrio® Top to all my farmer friends for better apple production".

Cabrio Top Farmer 2

 "Cabrio® Top has provided long duration control against diseases like Alternaria. I have used it 2 elevations, 5072 feet and 8250 feet and it has given excellent fruit finish, uniform coloring and better leaf health of my apple trees. Spraying Cabrio® Top before the harvest has ensured that I get shiny apples with better shelf life."