Farming and Crop Protection 

For the love of farming, the Biggest Job on Earth

Farming is the backbone of civilization, providing sustenance, employment, and stability for communities across the globe. From the ancient times when humans first began cultivating crops, to the modern era of advanced technology and innovative agricultural practices, farming remains the cornerstone of our existence. Farmers are the unsung heroes who toil day and night to ensure that our plates are filled, and our communities thrive.



Biggest Job on Earth

We, at BASF, recognize and support the efforts of our farmers, appreciating the immense impact they have on our well-being and the sustainable future of our country and our planet. We believe that farming is the biggest job on Earth, and it’s the love of farming that motivates us to constantly push the boundaries of present to seek innovative solutions for the future. 


BASF launches Efficon powered by Axalion

BASF reiterates its commitment for Indian Farmers with its novel chemistry of Efficon® Insecticide – powered by Axalion® Active

Hyderabad, India – May 6, 2024, Piercing and sucking pests pose a significant threat to agricultural crops in India. Farmers in India can now manage this challenge with Efficon®, a new BASF insecticide launched today. Efficon is powered by BASF’s new active ingredient, Axalion® in a specialized formulation. 

BASF launches Facet and Duvelon

BASF launches two new herbicides, Facet® and Duvelon® to support rice and tea growers tackle problematic weeds

Raipur, India – May 4, 2023 – India is the world’s second largest producer of both rice and tea crops. However, the control of problematic weeds is one of the key challenges for farmers growing rice and tea in India, preventing them from harvesting high-quality produce.

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At BASF, safety underlines everything we do. Learn more about our initiatives such as Suraksha Hamesha program and Sanrakshan Kit today.

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