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Vesnit® Complete

A complete solution for controlling grasses and broad leaf weeds in Sugarcane . 

Vesnit® Complete provides effective, long duration and reliable control on grasses & broad leaf weed. It is a convenient ready to use formulation and also provides crop safety. 


How its works?

Vesnit Complete is a systemic post emergence herbicide to control grasses and broad leaf weeds in Sugarcane . After application, it quickly  absorbs by leaves, roots and shoots of weeds and translocated to growing points of weeds. It inhibits the activity of 4-Hydroxyphenyl Pyruvate dioxtgenase enzyme resulted breakdown of chloroplast, It causes strong beaching activity on the growing shoots & without photosynthetic tisse weeds couldnt maintain further growth & dies.

Mode of action:

Synergy of dual mode of action (HPPD Inhibitor + PSII inhibitor) brings superior performance & cross spectrum control on variety of grasses & broadleaf weeds 

Vesnit Complete


Effective and reliable control on grasses & broad leaf weed

Longer duration control

Crop safety 

Convenient ready to use formulation 

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Product application information

Target Weed Dosage/Application Rate Water Volume When & How to apply? PHI
Grassy & Broad leaf weeds  1.2 Litre per Acre   150 -200 Litre water per Acre At 2-3 leaf weed stage or 2-3 inch hight of weeds.
At righ soil moisture condition, prepare stock solution of 1.2 L to be used in 10 knapsac pump.  
With the help of Cut Nozzle, apply this stock solution uniformly in the field with the help of 150-200 L water per acre .
268 Days