Farming and Crop Protection 

Valor 32

Valor 32 is a herbicide for pre-emergence applications to control annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds for managing the weed flora in Soybean. It is a mixture of two active ingredients: Imazethapyr and Pendimethalin.

 It works by reducing protein synthesis by inhibiting Acetolactate Synthase and also restricts cell division and cell elongation. 



  • Early weed management

  • Broad spectrum weed management

  • Flexibility of application

  • Long residual control

How it works

Valor 32 belongs to the ALS (Acetolactate Synthase) inhibiting class of herbicides which reduce protein synthesis by inhibiting the Acetolactate Synthase enzyme. 

It also restricts cell division and cell elongation of the weed flora.

Product application information:

Target Disease / Pest/Weeds Dosage / Application Rate When and how to apply PHI

Echinochloa crusgalli,

Dinebra arabica,

Digitaria spp.,

Brachiaria mutica,

Commelina benghalensis,

Euphorbia hirta

2.5 - 3 L/Ha
  • Incorporate the herbicide in soil before sowing of crops using suitable farm equipment

Preparation of spray solution:

  • Take the measured quantity of Valor 32 and add it to a small quantity of water
  • Mix thoroughly and then add remaining quantity of water while stirring vigorously