Farming and Crop Protection 


Exponus Launch

New insecticide from BASF helps Indian farmers protect crops from key insect pests

Pune, India – April 16, 2022 – Farmers in India will be able to protect their crops and boost productivity with the launch of Exponus® insecticide today by BASF. The pioneering solution is powered by BASF’s new active ingredient, Broflanilide® in a specialized formulation.

BASF team unveiling Vesnit Complete herbicide  for Sugarcane & Corn growers at the launch event in Meerut, India

BASF enters Indian Sugarcane crop protection market with a new Herbicide.

Meerut, India – March 15, 2022 –   Sugarcane farmers in India now have a new option for grasses & broadleaf weed control with an innovative herbicide, Vesnit® Complete launched today by BASF. The new solution empowers farmers with a whole new level of post-emergent weed control ensuring better yield for their crop.

xarvio Scouting Chabot

BASF Digital Farming launches free xarvio® SCOUTING chatbot service in India to aid farmers and advisors

Cologne, Germany, and Mumbai, India – BASF Digital Farming GmbH has launched a dedicated, free of charge xarvio® SCOUTING chatbot service in India to aid its farmers and advisors.

The new chatbot service complements the global, market-leading xarvio® SCOUTING smartphone app, which can identify unknown weeds and diseases, analyze nitrogen uptake, and provide leaf damage, crop emergence and yellow trap analysis.

Zidua launch

Innovative pre-emergent herbicide Zidua® combats resistant Phalaris weed in wheat

Karnal, India – October 10, 2019 – BASF today launched Zidua®, a new pre-emergent herbicide for wheat, which offers farmers a much-needed solution for controlling one of the most problematic weeds in their fields – Phalaris.

Detect in-field stress just by taking a photo

xarvio™ Digital Farming Solutions launches Scouting app for farmers in India

Mumbai, India – September 30, 2019 – xarvio™ Digital Farming Solutions by BASF today officially launched its Scouting smartphone app for farmers in India. Using instant photo recognition, an algorithm, and data sharing technology, the xarvio Scouting app enables growers and agronomists to identify weed and disease threats in their fields.

BASF team unveiling Acrobat Complete & Sercadis Plus fungicides for grape growers at the launch event in Nasik, Maharashtra

Two new fungicides for growing high-quality grapes free from disease

Nasik, India – August 19, 2019 – Grape farmers in India will be able to protect their crops and boost productivity with the help of two innovative fungicides launched today by BASF – Acrobat® Complete and Sercadis® Plus. The new solutions provide grape growers with a more efficient spray program for better disease management.