Farming and Crop Protection 

BASF Solutions for Rice

Rice is one of India's most important food crop, and we offer solutions to support rice farmers in increasing yields and bringing more innovations to the market in the coming years.

BASF offers innovative and flexible solutions for the cultivation of rice. Our products are already widely acknowledged and welcomed by rice farmers around Asia and the globe. In addition to our crop protection solutions, BASF offers professional and technical support to rice farmers to help them increase yields -- which in turns increases their income and ensures the nation's food supply.

We are committed to promoting effective stewardship on and off the field, and believe that the appropriate management and use of our products helps strengthen sustainable agriculture, as well as safeguarding the environment and public health. BASF is a member of the Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP), a multi-stakeholder partnership that promotes resource efficiency and sustainability throughout the rice value chain. Read more about BASF's support for rice farmers here.

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