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Get rid of sedges and broad leaf weeds in your Rice and Soybean fields with Basagran®, BASF's proven solution for tough weed problems

Basagran® contains Bentazone 48% SL. Basagran® is a herbicide providing effective & reliable solutions for superior control of tough weeds.


  • Effective control on Sedges and broadleaf weeds
  • Excellent crop safety: Good fit in direct seeded and transplanted rice
  • Ideal tank mix partner for other herbicides

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How it works?

Basagran® is a PS II herbicide which is based on irreversible blockage of the photosynthetic electron transport thereby inhibiting photosynthesis & suppressing CO2 assimilation which stops the production of energy needed for plant growth. After a short period of growth stagnation, the weed dies.

Effective control in diseases:

Results in Sedges & Broad Lead Weed control 

 Results of Basagran in Sedges & Broad Lead Weed control

Product application information:

Target Disease / Pest/Weeds Dosage / Application Rate When and how to apply
Sedges & Broad Leaf Weeds 800 ml/acre
  • Take out water from the field as it is a contact herbicide
  • Ensure proper coverage, since it is a contact herbicide
  • Apply Basagran® solo or along with tank mix 
  • At 2-3 leaf / 2-3 inch weed stage
  • Irrigate the rice plot  (after 24 to 48 hrs.)