Farming and Crop Protection 


Facet® - A true companion for tough to control Echinochloa species weeds

  1. Specialist - Excellent control on Echinochloa species, Effective solution for resistant Echinochloa spp.

  2. Trustworthy - Safe for Crop in DSR & Transplanted Rice, Flexible Application Window

  3. Gelling - Highly compatible with other herbicides, Ensures that the active ingredients in each herbicide work together 

BASF Facet

Why a grower should use BASF Facet®?

  • Effective control against the biggest problem of Echinochloa spp

  • Reliable, Safe & Convenient solution for leftover Echinochloa at 5-6 leaf stage of weeds

  • Perfect tank mix partner for broad spectrum weed control

How it works?

  • Unique mode of action - A new mode of action for Echinochloa control under synthethic auxin classification 

  • No cross resistance - Effective on Echinochloa weeds which have developed resistance against ALS & ACCase chemistries 

Mode of Action

Foliar & Systemic

Product Application Information

Target weeds Dose ml/acre Water volume L/acre When & How to apply PHI (days)
Echinochloa Spp, Panicum repens 400ml/acre 150-200 At 15-25 DAT, Facet with Partner herbicides( Broad leaf/ Sedges) or 2-4 leaf stage of Echinochloa weeds; Rescue Treatment for Left Over Echinochloa at 30-40 DAT or 4-6 leaf stage of Echinochloa weeds 78