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Protect your wheat crop from Phalaris with Zidua®, a sustainable solution for effective Phalaris management

Phalaris is the toughest weed and it has changed over the past several years by developing resistance to herbicides with different modes of action. Zidua® overcomes this from 1st day itself, providing growers with superior, long-lasting residual tool to manage resistant Phalaris coupled with excellent crop selectivity. Now it’s time for you to change your farming practice and apply Zidua®

Zidua Herbicide by BASF


  • Superior management of resistant Phalaris: Unique mode of action- long term sustainable solution for resistant Phalaris
  • Solution for long duration Phalaris management: Excellent management of Phalaris from 1st Day
  • Excellent crop safety: Safe Weed management solution for wheat

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How it works?

Zidua® is applied as pre-emergence herbicide with combination of Stomp EC. Its root thinning activity keeps Phalaris population and growth under control so that it will not compete with wheat. Irrigation at 21st day controls the already emerged Phalaris and it works as a residual herbicide and gets absorbed through growing roots of Phalaris which leads to a significant long duration control. Zidua® and Stomp EC herbicides, with their combination of two different modes of action, help growers in resistance management in the long term.

Benefits of using Zidua®

 Superior control of Phalaris

Superior control of Phalaris

Significant Long Residual Control

Phalaris by Zidua

Excellent crop safety

Crop Safety


Irrigation before 21st day is critical for Zidua which will ensure long duration control 

Using right spray technology is important to assure uniform coverage of soil, hence use the herbicide nozzles and 200 litres water volume per acre

Field should have good tilth and it should be free from clods

Not recommended in Zero tillage and Happy seeder field

Field should be free from cracks and standing water

Correct method for applying Zidua® in the field

Product application information

Target Disease / Pest Dosage / Application Rate When and how to apply PHI Days
Phalaris minor 60g Zidua® per acre with 200 Litres of water     Within 3 days of sowing 131
Target Disease / Pest Dosage / Application Rate When and how to apply PHI Days
Echinochloa colonum,
Celosia argentia,
Trianthema portulacastrum,
Amarthanus viridis,
Digeria arvensi
60g Zidua® per acre with 200 Litres of water   Pre-plant application (Just before sowing)  94
Target Disease / Pest Dosage / Application Rate When and how to apply PHI Days
Echinochloa crusgalli,
Eleusine indica,
Phyllanthus niruri

60g Zidua® per acre with 200 Litres of water   Within 3 days of sowing 103