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Librel TMX2 ®

Librel TMX2 is Chelated multi-micronutreint mixture helps in plant nutrition.

Librel TMX2 is a highly soluble chelated form of micronutrients which are essential elements for plant growth. It is rich source of Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, Mo, B.

Benefits of Librel TMX 2

Librel TXM2

  • Better solubility 
  • No loss of micronutrients in soil 
  • It can be broadcast and spray with other fertilizer and other crop protectants.
  • No loss of Urea and other phosphatic fertilizer.

Librel TMX2, a nEDTA micronutrient is best and easy available form of micronutrient.

How it Works?

Chelated EDTA form of micronutrients protects the minerals from being prematurely broken down, making chelated minerals more stable. Thus it is easily available and absorbed by plant.

Librel tmx2



Product application information

All Crops
Target Pest/ Disease Dosage/Application rate When to Apply PHI
Micronutrient Deficiency 1- 1.25 g/ lit of water Foliar application before reproductive growth of plant  -