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Librel Zn ®

Librel Zn is Chelated multi-micronutreint helps in fullfilling Zn requirement of plant.

Librel Zn is a highly soluble chelated form of Zinc which is an essential elements for plant growth. It contains ZN 12%.

Librel Zn

Benefits of Librel Zn

  • Better solubility 
  • No loss of micronutrients in soil 
  • It can be broadcast and spray with other fertilizer and other crop protectants.
  • No loss of Urea and other phosphatic fertilizer.

Librel Zn, a nEDTA micronutrient is best and easy available form of micronutrient.

How it Works-

Chelated EDTA form of micronutrients protects the minerals from being prematurely broken down, making chelated minerals more stable. Thus it is easily available and absorbed by plant.

Librel Zn-1

Product application information

All Crops
Target Pest/ Disease Dosage/Application rate When to Apply PHI
Zn Deficiency Foliar Application @ 0.5 g per lit of water 15-20 days after transplanting or 25-30 days after sowing.  -