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Acrobat® Complete

Give your grapes a Complete solution for Downy Mildew and resistance management.  Get to know Acrobat® Complete, BASF’s latest fungicide which is a unique, balanced blend of two most trusted potential actives Dimethomorph and Metiram.

Acrobat® Complete brings together the years of grower’s trust on BASF and a legendary brand in use along with the technology that brings ease of use while providing the best protection against Downey Mildew right from the beginning of the season. 

Benefits of using Acrobat® Complete

Reliable solution  for effective Downey Mildew control

Convenience of balanced AI content in premix formulation. Easy dispersion, no mixing of other molecules is required.


Good tool in Resistance Management due to it Dual mode of action with low risk chemistry

Acrobat® Complete

Product application information:

Target Disease / Pest Dosage / Application Rate When and how to apply PHI
    Downy Mildew         1 Kg/Acre       Ponga Stage           66 days