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Give a disease free start to your Groundnut & Potato crop with Systiva® , a revolutionary seed treatment fungicide. 

Systiva® offers an effective control of all the major seed-borne and soil-borne diseases like Aspergillus in Groundnut and Black Scurf in Potato which ensures a disease free start. It provides long-lasting protection thereby ensuring uniform germination & more plant population in Groundnut.


  • Disease free beginning of crop: 1) Protect seeds from soil, seedling diseases & tough weather conditions. 2) Controls aspergillus by giving a great start to the groundnut crop.
  • Uniform germination: Xemium systemicity ensures quick penetration in seeds ensuring uniform germination.
  • More plants per acre: 1) Maximizes the seedling vigor. 2) Profuse rooting enhances stress tolerance.

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How it works:

Xemium has a unique mode of action that provides broad spectrum, consistent control of a wide variety of soil and seed-borne diseases. This unique chemistry allows it to move in the seed and redistribute as the seedling grows, for long-lasting protection. 

 Product application information

Target Disease/Pest Dosage Water Volume PHI
 Aspergillus Black Rot  1 ml/kg seeds  5ml Water/Kg Seeds  
Target Disease/Pest Dosage Water Volume PHI
 Black scurf (Rhizoctonia saloni)   6 ml/ 100 kg Seeds   1 Liter water / 100k g seeds