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Effective solution for rice stem borer.

Polyram is an ideal tank mix and spray program partner due to its versatile Mode of Action i.e. multisite action. Polyram has the very small particle size of WG formulation which:

Priaxor® is powered by BASF’s new active ingredient Xemium®, which is the first of its kind technology that not only counters stress but also provides advanced disease control for commonly occurring diseases in Soybean, Groundnut and Cotton.
Pursuit®  is a well-known herbicide which ensures effective control  of grasses and broad leaved  weeds in Soybean, Ground nut, Black gram, Green gram and Red gram. Recommended to be applied as early post emergence when weeds are at 1-2 leaf stage.

Sheath blight disease  is a challenge in Rice crop, 35 -50 days are critical for Sheath Blight control. This disease can cause 24-50% yield loss in favorable environmental conditions.