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Intrepid is a novel chemistry that saps energy out of insects, thereby rendering them weak. It belongs to the diacylhydrazine class of insecticides and has a novel mode of action that mimics the action of the molting hormone. It has contact & stomach action and also has systemic properties.

Librel TMX2 is a highly soluble chelated form of micronutrients which are essential elements for plant growth. It is rich source of Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, Mo, B.

Librel Zn is a highly soluble chelated form of Zinc which is an essential elements for plant growth. It contains ZN 12%.

Lihocin® is a Plant growth regulator used in  crops Cotton, Potato, Brinjal & Grapes. Lihocin® channelizes the plant growth in the desired direction at a particular period of time which results in more yield & better quality produce. 

Macera® is a unique Neuromuscular Disruptor Insecticide (IRAC Group 6: Chloride Channel Activators) belonging to the naturally derived class of Avermectins.