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Since Basta® acts by contact action, it is safer to the crops as compared to other non-selective herbicides in directed spray. It exhibits better efficacy against certain hard-to-kill weed species which are not controlled by conventional products currently being used by growers.

Cabrio® Top improves the quality and yield of your crop with its superior disease control. With its advanced plant health benefits, it gives longer duration protection with lesser sprays.

Unique mode of action against Rice hoppers including resistant BPH and WBPH, Which provides long lasting control by preventing egg laying hence stops population explosion. It provides Systemic and translaminar movement protection against new growths also

Duvelon® is the new standard in resistant & broad leaf weed control. It is an innovative active ingredient & a new partner for effective weed management programme in Tea. It is a powerful tool to manage variety of broadleaf weeds very effectively.

Exponus® insecticide is a powerful, quick, and versatile insecticide for farmers who want the top performing pest control tool. It is a new mode of action targeted to control even the toughest chewing pests, certain thrips & leaf miner.