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Acrisio® - The Powdery Mildew Specialist, is a novel chemistry with unique mode of action which provides comprehensive disease control.

Acrobat is a systemic fungicide containing Dimethomorph.
It is used for treating downy mildew and Late blight caused by organisms such as Pythium and Phytophthora species.

Give your grapes a Complete solution for Downy Mildew and resistance management.  Get to know Acrobat® Complete, BASF’s latest fungicide which is a unique, balanced blend of two most trusted potential actives, Dimethomorph and Metiram.
Get rid of sedges and broad leaf weeds in your rice field with Basagran®, BASF's proven solution for tough weed problems.

Since Basta® acts by contact action, it is safer to the crops as compared to other non-selective herbicides in directed spray. It exhibits better efficacy against certain hard-to-kill weed species which are not controlled by conventional products currently being used by growers.